Temporary roofing membrane

Temproof is an un-backed PVC roofing membrane, specially designed to serve as a waterproof temporary roof covering for building modules and pods. We also supply compatible adhesive and insulation products. Link to landing pages x 2

  • Ideal temporary roofing solution for transit and on-site 
  • 330 microns thick 
  • Also available as bespoke pod covers to protect walls and roofs  
  • Made to measure to suit the module sizes  
  • All roofing blanket seams are 40mm wide with RF-welded joints running across the width
  • Supplied wound around cardboard cores (normally 2-4 blankets per core, depending on size) 

Description of Temproof

Temproof is ideal for use during the transportation of building modules and on-site prior to the completion of the upper storeys (in the case of hotel bedroom pods, this may be until the tiled roofs are added a few months later). A mechanically fixed version of Temproof can be supplied with a concealed flap for roof-deck fixings.

Temproof 450R

We also supply Temproof 450R, which is almost identical to Temproof but has polyester reinforcing. It is ideal for use in high-traffic areas. 

  • Tough and flexible coating of PVC to both sides 
  • More durable than Temproof 
  • Can be hot-air welded 
  • Weight 450gsm (+/- 25).

Installing Temproof roofing blankets

Temproof is quickly and easily installed by bonding it to a plywood roof deck using:

  • Dekbond roofing adhesive  
  • Duostik Aero contact adhesive on up-stands/downturns 
  • Or DST 585 double-sided tape.

Sealing adjoining building modules

Building modules can be sealed together on a temporary basis by overlapping Temproof onto the next module and carefully sealing with Seal-It.


Thickness 330 microns contact us

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