For modular and portable buildings

G12 is Holrow’s own PVC roof blanket, providing a long-lasting, high-quality waterproof membrane for the roofs of modular/portable buildings and cabins. Since it can be installed using adhesive, it offers a flame-free reroofing option which extends the life of the building and avoids disturbing its occupants. It offers an attractive finish which can also form the base of a paved or green roof. We also supply compatible adhesive and flashings products.

(G6R offers a more lightweight option.)

  • High UV resistance and stabilisation for a long service life 
  • Heavy-duty but flexible 
  • Made to measure for any module size 
  • Secure seam welding quality 
  • Efficient and safe installation 
  • Easy to hot-air weld 
  • Excellent adhesive bonding 
  • Range of accessories available, including outlets & caps BRE fire-tested to the modular building industry standard roofing specification (ie fully adhered to 12mm plywood/OSB).

Description of the G12 roofing blanket

G12 roof membrane is made from light-grey flame-retardant PVC laminate reinforced with a polyester mesh interlayer (which provides dimensional stability plus superb bonding for adhesives). All seams are manufactured with RF-welded joints. 

Installing G12 roofing membranes

G12 roof blankets are quickly and easily installed using:

  • Dekbond roofing adhesive 
  • PVC contact upstand adhesive

Sealing adjoining building modules

Adjoining building modules can be sealed together on-site by overlapping the roof blanket onto the next module and using standard hot-air welding techniques. Alternatively, you can use SEAL-IT.

Physical characteristics

Construction: Flame-retardant PVC laminate

Reinforcement: Polyester mesh

Colour: Light-grey 

Thickness: 1.2mm (to BS EN 1849-2)

Weight: 1400g/m2 (to BS EN 1849-2)

Cold bend capacity: ≤ -25°C (to BS EN 495-5)

Dimensional stability: 6h*80°C % ≤ 0.1 (to BS EN 1107-2)

UV ageing: No cracks after 3,024 hours (to prEN 1297 - UV-B)

Resistance μ-value To BS EN 1931


Thickness 1.2mm contact us

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