RHB Foil


Insulation foil for steel anti-vandal (AV) units

RHB Foil Insulation is a mirror-finish reflective film, which provides good thermal insulation when combined with airspace in timber-framed walls. This allows a narrow wall thickness to be achieved while still reflecting 95% of radiant heat loss. In the summer, this insulation helps to keep the unit cool by reflecting radiant solar heat back to the outside. RHB Foil Insulation also reduces the problem of condensation affecting mineral-wool insulation.

Guide to Insulation performance

In walls:

  • RHB + 1 airspace min 20mm = 30mm glass wool
  • RHB + 2 airspace min 20mm = 60mm glass wool

In ceilings

  • RHB + 1 airspace = 18mm glass wool
  • RHB + 2 airspace = 36mm glass wool

How to install RHB Foil Insulation

Installation is normally made simple by applying RHB 1215 Foil Insulation to pre-manufactured wall frames across the inside face. The lining board is then stapled to the frame over the RHB1215 membrane, and the wall panels are then fitted to the steel walls of the unit.

Typical physical characteristics

Tensile strength 37.59kgf/mm2 ASTM D882-83

Elongation at break 125% ASTM D882 MD

Optical density 3.5

Reflectivity 120 Dr. Lange Glossometer

Total light transmission 0.06% ASTM D1003-77

Upper melt temperature 255-260°C ASTM E794-85

Shrinkage 3.0 MD 5 mins at 190°C

Emissivity 0.03

Moisture vapour transmission 0.6gms m2/24 hrs at 38°C

Thickness 50 microns

Roll size 1.215 x 200 mtrs


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