Duostik Aero


The premium spray adhesive for roofing blankets

Duostik Aero is the premium spray adhesive for bonding roof blankets to a wide range of substrates, especially plastisol steel applications, and is highly suitable for use on modular & portable buildings. It is ideal for permanent bonds which require good initial strength. Duostik Aero is especially suitable for our G6R, G12 and Temproof roofing membranes . Link to pages 

  • Clear liquid 
  • Coverage 8-10m2 per 500ml 
  • Good temperature resistance
  • ‘Open’ time of several hours 
  • Shelf life of 12 months (in original unopened container)
  • Typical solids: 28-30% 
  • Typical specific gravity: 0.90-99.

Substrates suitable for bonding

Substrates supported include timber/steel up-stands, wood, metals, rubber, fabric, most plastics, cardboard, polythene, concrete and decorative laminates. Duostik Aero can also be used to bond expanded polystyrene when forming a bond to a different substrate (when it should be used as a one-way stick and only applied to the opposite substrate: do not spray onto the expanded polystyrene).

How Duostik Aero works

Duostik Aero is a contact adhesive, so it forms its bond by sticking to itself. Therefore, there must be sufficient adhesive for this to happen. Allow Duostik Aero to tack up, and it will be ready when it feels dry to the touch and doesn’t transfer to the finger.

How to apply Duostik Aero

  • Use in a well ventilated area. 
  • Substrates should be well-prepared and conditioned before assembly (especially when used with laminates). 
  • A full bond is achieved after 48 hours, in normal conditions. 
  • Ensure that air can circulate freely around the components. 
  • Always apply to the laminate first and spray one substrate horizontally and the other vertically. 
  • Hold the aerosol with the nozzle at 90° and apply a generous uniform coat, ensuring 80-100% coverage. Move in parallel to the surface and pay particular attention to the edges (do not allow the adhesive to puddle, as this can cause an unevenness that can show through the laminate.
  • Porous surfaces may need a second coat.

How to store Duostik Aero

Protect Duostik Aero from extremes of temperature by storing it in a controlled environment between 15-35°C away from direct sunlight and frost. Do not stand Duostik Aero on a cold concrete floor; low temperatures can result in poor bonds.


Coverage 8-10(m2) per 500ml contact us

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