High-bond roof coating for modular buildings

Raingard will repair and waterproof any substrate normally found on the roofs of modular buildings, including single-ply membranes, roofing felt and steel roof joints on AV units. . We also supply compatible adhesive and flashings products. Link to adhesive landing page (‘adhesives’) and Seal-It (‘flashings’)

  • One-coat application with a brush, roller or squeegee 
  • Excellent adhesion and durability 
  • Fibre-reinforced 
  • Can be applied year-round (even when damp) 
  • Touch-dry in 6 hours in standard temperatures 
  • Instant waterproof protection (rainfall immediately after application has no adverse effect) 
  • Particularly suitable for general maintenance work (eg bridges cracks) 
  • Longer life than any bituminous roof coating 
  • Independently tested 
  • Resistant to ponding water 
  • Extended shelf life.

Description of Raingard

Raingard is a thixotropic, solvent-based, fibre-filled acrylic roof sealer and waterproof coating. It can be applied even in damp conditions to stop leaks on a variety of materials. Fibres incorporated into Raingard enable cracks and gaps to be bridged. It is vapour-permeable, allowing damp substrates to breathe while eliminating blistering or lack of adhesion.

How to use Raingard

  • Roof surfaces should be clean and free from surface contaminants, including rust debris, dirt & stone chippings.  
  • If fungal growth has been removed, the surface should be treated with a fungicidal wash to kill off any remaining spores.  
  • Raingard requires only one coat, which should be applied with a coarse brush straight from the can. On very smooth surfaces, the product is best applied by roller when dry. 
  • Raingard is solvent-based, so good ventilation should be ensured. Care should be taken when applying close to ventilators, to avoid discomfort to occupants.  
  • Raingard can be applied at ambient temperatures above 0°C. Frost and ice will significantly reduce the adhesion of the product. 

Physical characteristics

Colour: Grey 

Coverage 1-2litres/m2

Packaging: 5 litres and 20 litres

Specific gravity: 1.25Kg/litre

Volume solids: 50% 

Flash point: Greater than 320°C

Shelf life: 1 year if unopened


Coverage (m2) 5 Sizes available (m2) 5L, 20L contact us

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