PVC Upstand


For bonding single-ply PVC roofing membranes

PVC Upstand Contact Adhesive is designed to fix single-ply PVC roofing blankets to upstands and roof detail work.

  • High plasticiser resistance for good adhesion on up-stands 
  • Applied by brush or roller 
  • Apply using a 2-way dry stick OR heat activation 
  • Withstands temperatures of -40°C to 70°C 
  • Shelf-life of 12 months.

Applying with a 2-way dry stick

  • First, clean both surfaces with solvent or abrade with a clean emery cloth 
  • Apply an even film to both surfaces by brush or roller, using a coverage rate of approximately 1.5m2 Kg 0.75m2 of bonded area 
  • Allow both films to dry for up to 10 minutes, or until they can be gently touched without any adhesive being transferred 
  • Join the surfaces together, using as much pressure as possible to avoid trapping any air.

Applying with heat activation

  • Apply the adhesive to both surfaces as above, and allow to dry completely. 
  • Heat both surfaces to 100°C and use pressure to bond together immediately.

Physical characteristics

Appearance Red or clear

Viscosity Approx 1500cps (20°C)

Solid content 24% approx

Specific gravity 0.90 @ 20°C

Flammability Flammable

Ageing Excellent

Temperature range -40°C to 70°C

Chemical resistance Good to dilute acids and alkalis

Solvent resistance Good to petrol, oil and alcohols, but will not withstand prolonged immersion. Not resistant to ketones or esters.

Water resistance Good

Shelf life 12 months.


  • Highly flammable 
  • Avoid prolonged or repeated breathing of vapour 
  • Use with adequate ventilation.  
  • Avoid excessive contact with the skin during use; wear solvent-resistant gloves and eye protection. 
  • Store away from heat, sparks and flame, and keep container closed.


Size (l) 20 Coverage (m2) 30 contact us

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