HRF Foil


Radiant heat-reflective barrier

Holrow Reflective Foil Insulation (HRF) offers heat-reflective, airtight insulation plus vapour-barrier characteristics for roofs, ceilings, walls and floors structures, and is ideally suited to use in modular buildings. 

  • Reflective membrane reflects heat back into the building 
  • Extremely tough and durable 
  • Airtight insulation 
  • Creates a vapour barrier

Description of HRF Foil Insulation

HRF Foil Insulation is a composite laminate of aluminium foil, polyethylene and metallised polyester film. The membrane is a flat, smooth material with a highly reflective metallic finish to both faces – and these are protected with a proprietary coating, optimised to provide protection without reducing infra-red emissivity. 

  • Designed primarily to be incorporated into factory-produced modular buildings 
  • Ideal for components such as timber-frame walls, roof and ceiling panels, caravans, portable homes and site accommodation 
  • Suitable for protecting high-value, heat/moisture-sensitive equipment. 

Typical physical characteristics

Reflectivity 0.95 ASTM E-408

Emissivity 0.05 ASTM E-408

Thickness 140microns ASTM D-2103

Tensile MD 3.810kN/m ASTM D882 MD

Tensile MD 185n/50 mm ASTM D882 MD

Trouser tear MD 30.0N 5.0 N

Trouser tear MD 185 N

Elongation at break MD 137% ASTM D882 MD

Tensile CD 4.120 kN/m ASTM D882 MD

Trouser tear CD 11.0 N

Elongation at break CD 86% ASTM D882 MD

Beach puncture 39.00kg-cm ASTM D-774 TAPPI 803

Moisture/vapour transmission 0.040g/m2dhr ASTM E96-00

Moisture/vapour transmission 0.5 g/m2dhr ASTM E96-00

Permeance 0.00019g/sMN

Flame-retardant Class F EN13501-1

Surface flame spread Class 1 BS 476 Part 7:1997

Fire propagation index Class O BS 476 Part 6:1989

Roll size 96mx1.25m (120m2)

Roll size 50m x 1.6m (80m2)

Nominal weight 156 g/m2

Nominal weight 104 g/m2


Reflectivity 0.95 Emissivity 0.05 Thickness 140microns contact us

High-quality thermal insulation & vapour control for modular buildings.

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