Ultra high-performance self-adhesive flashing tape

Seal-It waterproofs all joints and seams on building & roofing surfaces, and is especially suited to modular and portable buildings. It is also suitable for general repairs. Seal-It provides a waterproof seal for a wide range of substrates including PVC, EPDM, TPO, bitumen, concrete, tile, brick, metal, glass and wood. 

Pressure-activated, adhesive-backed flashing tape Ideal for joints and seams on modular buildings Ideal for emergency roof repairs Superb waterproofing Strongest adhesive bond available Fast and easy to apply Completely bitumen-free – less messy, easier to use No heat required for installation 10-year warranty Grey in colour 300mm wide 0.8mm thick.

How to apply Seal-It

Seal-It couldn’t be easier to apply, especially on a busy site. Simply remove the protective backing foil to expose the adhesive face, and apply. Using a little pressure with a roller will activate the adhesion process and remove trapped air from the seam.

Sealing for roof membranes

Seal-It is ideal for sealing joints and seams on our G6R, G12 and Temproof roofing blankets for portable buildings.

Description of Seal-It

Seal-It is made from modified synthetic butyl adhesive, laminated with a UV-stable backing so that it doesn’t degrade on exposure to light. The adhesive surface is protected by a siliconised liner. Seal-It is covered by a 10-year product replacement warranty.

How to store Seal-It

Seal-It can be used up to 24 months after the production date, as long as it’s kept in its original unopened packaging in a dry, well-ventilated environment at a maximum temperature of 30°C.


Waterproofs all joints and seams Easy to install contact us

High-quality thermal insulation & vapour control for modular buildings.

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